5 Places to Meet Sexy Girls in London

5 Places to Meet Sexy Girls in London


Almost half of London’s adults are single, a situation compounded by the hectic lifestyle that characterizes every Londoner. Such a lifestyle makes it hard for one to meet like-minded sexy girls. Well, gone are the days when one had to resort to the lonely heart’s column or marry your first love. In today’s fast-paced world, one needs to be ahead of the curve since online dating sites, and other socializing techniques are fast becoming pass. Given my limited experience and fellow advice from a boozer, I compiled a list of the 5 places to meet sexy escort girls in London. Indulge.


Looks may be deceiving. Once you hit the library, you’ll be amazed at the strictness with which library-goers chomp away at knowledge. Realistically, most library-goers spend their time ogling at hot or sexy people riffling through manuscripts. Opportunities abound for those who have their words right, and maybe, just maybe, you may get a coffee date out of it.

Public Transport

You must play this one right, given the British rule that forbids one from uttering a word on public transport. Many of my friends have been tagged with the creepy label since they came off the wrong foot. One of my friends got more than he bargained for with a sassy Ethiopian girl from the tube to various clubs in Richmond and finally both waking nude from an apartment.


Coffee shops are known to be the real deal when it comes to hookups, particularly for young professionals looking to have a great time. As you enjoy your morning cup of joe, reading The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, you’ll notice strikingly beautiful ladies walking in. It won’t be hard for you to score if you have your words right. Beware, not only could you catch the eye of one of the beautiful Asian Escort ladies, but also the attractive baristas. Keep on coming back for that morning fix, and you’ll be shell-shocked once you get your bill with her number on it.

Pheromone parties

Sniffing women’s T-shirts during parties isn’t something out of the ordinary for most Londoners. It’s currently the dating craze where men smell out their potential lovers. It’s quite as simple as ladies wearing their T-shirts for three days and sealing them after in a freezer bag. The same applies to men where their T-shirts get coded in blue while ladies are in pink. The shirts are opened at a party and if you like the scent, you are allowed to approach one another and try to hit it off.

Other Possibilities

You could also hit the playgrounds, volunteer your time, fun places such as bars and concerts, and job interviews- in case you are hot, she wouldn’t mind giving you feedback over coffee despite not qualifying for the job. In case you’d want to take it online, I advise you to check out this link https://topescortbabes.com/london/escorts. It’ll be worth your while.


There are more than five places to meet sexy girls in London; it all depends on your wits and charm. Remember, funerals are also potential hot spots. It depends on your personal preference.

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