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Boring Or Deeply Boring

Most Close Protection jobs fall into one of two categories – boring or deeply boring. The only excitement that you normally have is when your principal is an egotistical moron or when they surround themselves with egotistical morons. Other than that, pretty much boring all the way. A lot of the time you are only actually there to make the Principal look important or because they are paranoid about unspecified threats. Usually as a result of a deservedly guilty conscience or of Bolivian marching powder. Or a guilty conscience about Bolivian marching powder, of course.

Even looking after professional escort girls falls into the deepkly boring category. Once you have got past the fact that they look sexy as hell – obviously – and you had better get over that fast, then most Barcelona escorts are not exactly the most interesting people in the world. Partly that is because they are almost always tired and sleep deprived, because their work hours are as unpredictable as those of an on duty soldier. But it is also because they are living on their nerves a lot of the time from dealing with stressful situations on a regular basis. Just like a soldier in a war zone. And a good many of them, based on Dave´s small personal experience and unprofessional opinion, are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder – just like soldiers.

“So what is it this time?” he asked the boss. “Minor celebrity that wants to look important, moron who got hooked up with some people he should not have, or a businessman who has been fucking over his clients and suppliers?”

Dave asked as he walked into the over chilled office and sat in the bouncy leather and chrome chair in front of the Managing Directors desk. Tony, his boss was one of those guys who liked the idea of a neat tidy and perfect desk, but was actually messy as hell. There were always a few too many files and everything was slightly out of skew, but he kept trying.afresh every morning. He frowned a little and sniffed at Dave´s comment.