Aside from your ability to make clients happy by being the perfect naughty girl friend, your image is the most important thing in your professional life as an escort. I would love to tell you that personality will get you new clients and bookings, but I would be lying. Personality (and sexual prowess and performance) will get you repeat business, but what you look like in photos and in short videos is what gets you the chance to impress with your other qualities.


First things first: you need a portfolio of professionally done photographs. Selfies will not do it, unless you are happy working at the very lowest end of the market. Not will amateur shots done by a friend on a camera. Just because it is good enough for Instagram does not mean it is good enough for a professional escort. If you want to be the most successful escort Ibiza has to offer, you need a selection of photos – lingerie (of course), swimwear, casual, cocktail dresses and nudes. Have the photographer Photoshop any identifying tattoos or things like that and give you two sets of photos – one with your face blurred and one without. A good agency will be happy with blurred for their website but will need unblurred to send privately to clients.


Secondly, keep them updated and fresh. You will need at least one new photo shoot each year. My ideal suggestion would be that you go for two or three shoots a year. I know that sounds excessive, but there is no substitute for good images that sell you to male eyeballs. Even if you are working with the same agency in the same place, change your photos! Simply changing your photos can get you a whole new set of clients. 


Third, control the use of your images. Tell your escort agencies where they can and cannot use them. On the web site, on escort directories, on social media. Your images are your images and it is up to you to decide where they can and can not be used. Good escort agencies will have copy protection on their sites to stop people nicking images. But it is not infallible and if you have good photographs, they will get stolen and used by other people. A little regular use of Google image search will allow you to track who has them and what they are using them for. Contact them and tell them to stop it. And if that does not work and you are concerned enough, involve your lawyer and get a Cease and Desist letter sent.


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