How to know if an orgasm is fake

Nowadays practically everything we know about sex is due to porn. A preconceived idea that all too often bears no resemblance to reality.

Moreover, when personal experiences and preferences are kept and not shared, disappointments and complexes are created. The fact is that nowadays there are an infinite number of practices, fantasies, adult toys, and positions when it comes to having sex. So many that there is no way of knowing if it was good or bad as soon as it happened. Although some do know, without leaving any room for doubt.

Many people define how well relationships have gone by the number of orgasms they have or even how long it takes. But is this a reliable measure? On these issues everyone seems to have an opinion and none of them is wrong. In the end, there are so many different ways to have and enjoy sex that there is no right way for everyone. And if not, tell that to the hot London escort girls in Skokka who see it every day.


That’s why most experts recommend getting to know your own body and letting yourself go. Because if you don’t know what you like or you are thinking about everything you have to do afterwards, you are not going to enjoy yourself.

That’s when the problems start. Especially in couples when they fall into monotony and no longer enjoy their sex. The moment when they fake orgasms in order to finish as soon as possible without harming the other person and continue with the next task.

This is why many end up turning to sex workers such as independent escorts in Dublin or even other less well-known professionals such as sex coaches. The latter are professionals dedicated to helping couples discover how to enjoy all relationships more. Besides the reasons why they don’t understand each other in bed, which is very important.

But, why fake it?

The reasons why so many people do this are very varied. But more specifically those who are most accused of doing it are women. Because, in the end, in men, thanks to ejaculation, it is much more visual.

First of all, female pleasure is often somewhat more complex than male pleasure. In fact, many men are somewhat at a loss as to how to produce it. Many women prefer to pretend and get it over with if they see their partner is not on the right track. Others don’t feel like doing so, but if their partner ends and does not help, they pretend to finish so they can do other things. There are also those who, in order to avoid complexes and hide shyness, prefer not to prolong the act too long. Or simply, not to disappoint the other person and impress them.

Is it really that important?

Meet expectations, show that you can become a real porn star. To feel like it all the time, to enjoy all the practices… It is something impossible unless you have a training within the field of sex, as is the case of the beautiful call girls in Wellington.

But by living in society we also seek to please the other person. Although what is not thought of is that what is generated is more insecurity than anything else. Because on many occasions the question arises as to whether it was faked or whether it was real. And if she has done it and why. The blame often lies within oneself.

Although according to surveys most women have faked an orgasm, they claim that it has been due to fatigue and stress. In other words, they do not want to disappoint their partner. So when someone is in this kind of situation, it is better to be able to talk and communicate. So that everyone involved in the sexual relationship can enjoy it without unnecessary worries.

How to detect them?

It is clear that when you regularly have sex with the same person it is often easier to detect whether or not they are faking it. You know better the way they moan, act, as well as expressions, positions, etc.


But there are other things to look out for. For example, breathing rhythm, heart rate, sweat, dilated pupils, body temperature, etc. It seems not, but there are things that cannot be easily imitated.

A matter of two

When it comes to sex, no one is alone. This is something that most of the world’s population does to a greater or lesser extent. And the important thing is that it is enjoyed by not just some but by all. Because being able to give someone so much pleasure is often a source of even greater pleasure.

So it’s important to take the time needed for each caress, kiss, bite, etc. To test the sensitivity of each part of the body. In this way, everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy real orgasms and all the benefits that come with them.


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