Protecting a London Escort?

So, you have had an enjoyable time with your rented paramour and you have seen her several times. One day you see this gorgeous London escort in a none work context, it might be she is in the super market or walking down the street. You decide to talk with her. No, stop, think don’t stop and call out her name. She may have friends or family about her. They won’t recognise the name and will ask her who you are and why you called her by another name. In the exact same way, she won’t call to you. Your family or friends may be about. She will respect your privacy and you should respect her privacy.

Maybe you can glance at her as you pass, and she may glance at you. Yes, she might indicate its OK to chat. Don’t though presume it is. There are countless instances of men presuming they can stop an escort in the street and start talking to her. This is so dangerous and an uncalled invasion of her privacy. The work she is doing, and you might think it’s an excellent job, is still considered by so many as demonising and stigmatised. You could be getting her into so much trouble, breaking up her relationships with friends. Even more dangerous, you could be causing her children problems at school and with their friends.

So, the best way to protect her privacy of a London Escort is to ignore her and walk on past her. You never know who is around. I know, I was great friends with an out escort. She and I would walk around anywhere together. It was amazing the number of people who recognised her. They either came up to her and spoke with her, or they would glance at us. On one rare occasion a group of men would start to make uncomplimentary comments about her job.  These men should have known better, they were professional, medical doctors working in a London hospital. Imagine this happening to a London escort who is working under the radar. She would be mortified by the experience and could have been put into severe jeopardy.

Social Media support

London escorts or elite independent escorts who use social media are sometimes attacked by the radical feminists, there often go by the acronym of SWERFS. When one is under attack, listen to the message the courtesan is saying, like her and amplify her statements by giving her support.Yes, she will get support from other sex workers, but please also support her. On twitter she might be feisty, but please be aware these attacks from the abolitionists take their toll on escorts. Support them how you can, support them with words of support, support them with gifts. These London escorts are fighting for their safety by not wanting the exchange of sex for money to be criminalised. They are ultimately fighting for your right to be able to buy sex without being punished by the law. They are fighting so that they can advertise their services on the web, and you can see their advertisements without having to navigate the dark web.

When helping them, listen to what they say, and then amplify their statements, don’t speak over them


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