Top 4 Tips to Hire an Escort for the First Time

Top 4 Tips to Hire an Escort for the First Time!

The popularity of escort services has grown exponentially in the last few years. Back in the day, the subject was treated as taboo. However, today, hiring escort services is common. Some hire escort services solely for companionship, whereas others hire them to satisfy their sexual needs and desires.

Irrespective of your intention to hire an escort, the process of hiring one is quite overwhelming. If this is your first time hiring escort services, you are bound to be nervous. The first and foremost thing to do is look for a reputed escort agency. Such agencies offer genuine services and have a wide variety of escorts for their customers to choose from.

How to get started? What is the process? Is there any etiquette to follow? You will have many questions running on your mind. Looking for an insight that would help you out in the process? This article has got you covered. Below, we share a few tips to help you get started.

Find the Perfect Fit for You

Not all escorts will be ready to fulfil all the sexual kinks you have in mind. Also, not all of them provide the same packages. Hence, we recommend first letting the agency know about your needs and requirements. They will accordingly shortlist a few escorts for you. You can then choose one as per your liking and preference.

Remember that if an escort cannot satisfy your needs then there is no point in hiring their services. Also, make sure to choose an escort you feel naturally attracted to.

Fake agencies often feature morphed pictures of models to lure customers. Hence, make sure to check the ratings and the Nottingham Owo escorts reviews given by previous clients before you hire one. Also, ask the agency to put you on a video call with the escort. This will help you assess the authenticity of the agency.

Determine Your Budget

Escort services are often expensive. Hence, you need to determine your budget before you contact the agency. If you know how much money you are willing to spend, you can easily determine what services you can afford and for how long. You can let the escort agency know about your budget and they suggest escorts you can afford.

You can also hire escort services for several days in a row, in case you want their companionship while on a business trip or vacation. However, the charges for availing of escort services for an extended period will be quite high.

Likewise, if you need an escort to fulfil some of your kinky desires, you will have to pay them for every additional service. The amount of time spent with you and the services provided are the two major factors responsible for dictating the charges. However, if you are booking the services of an escort for a long period, you can ask the agency for a discount as well.

Focus on Communication

One of the primary aspects of booking the right escort is effective communication. You should not feel shy while communicating with the agency about the type of escort you are looking for. Be confident and let them know your requirements.

Also, discuss your desires with the escort in advance. This is important to avoid any disappointment later if it turns out she doesn’t agree with what you want. While we’re on the subject, always be nice to your escort. No doubt, you are paying them, but that doesn’t give you the right to behave rudely or talk to them inaccurately.

On the contrary, if you don’t behave nicely then they may deny your offer. Also, talking to them on specific topics is inappropriate. That being said, don’t ask them anything about their personal details, their real name, and other private things that are none of your business.

Follow Best Practices

Escorts are humans just like everyone else and you should act, talk and relate to them in the same way you would do with your friend. Make sure to follow a few things to ensure that you and the escort both have a good time.

  • Show up on time at the agreed place;
  • Don’t request them to stay extra time if you have arrived late;
  • Let them know in advance if there is an emergency, or you have changed your mind about meeting them;
  • Make the payment as soon as you meet the escort. Put the money in the envelope and place it on the table.


It is quite natural to feel nervous if this is your first time booking escort services. But now you have some basic tips to help you when booking an escort for the first time. Follow our advice and go find an ideal escort for yourself.


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