Top Hong Kong Attractions

Before you visit any city/country, you will have to know about its top attractions. Yes, it helps to make trip just one of memoirs ever. No matter where you are going on your tour, every place has its amusing pursuits to draw Attention of visitors come here every year. As it comes to Hong Kong, you will find it packed with many great sites to entertain at its tour. From historical landmarks, best museums, nature parks, shopping areas to nightclubs, the city makes sure to its travelers fall in love with it pleasingly. At blog by Platinum Models, here are mentioned some of tourist attractions liable to steal Hearts of its visitors compellingly.

1. Tsim Sha Tsui:

A main tourist place in Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui boasts on coming with many high-rise shops and restaurants that bring it one of top attractions in the city. Visit it with your partner or any of escorts at Platinum Models, and get it helpful to double excitement at leisure tour. Known as a Hong Kong landmark, this is truly a melting point of culture and commerce.

2. Trick Eye Museum Hong Kong:

Experience interactive 3D artworks at Trick Eye Museum Hong Kong; it can help you forget all museums that you would have travelled before. Featuring 50 optical illusion paintings at five diverse theme zones therein, the museum promises to give you an amazing 3D experience in the whole lifetime. Just find it one of best Hong Kong attractions, and visit it with HK escorts.

3. Ocean Park Hong Kong:

Known as one of themed parks in the world, Ocean Park is the 2nd largest theme park in Hong Kong. Covering an area of 220 acres, the park consists of amazing Asian animals, iconic marine land, and first-class facilities including Thrill Mountain and Polar Adventure. If you are on leisure tour in Hong Kong, then it is wise to not miss visiting it with an escort at Platinum Models.

4. Ngong Ping 360:

A top attraction to see in Hong Kong; Ngong Ping 360 consists of Ngong Ping car cable. Connecting business district Tung Chung and Ngong Ping, it offers panoramic view of rocky terrain of Lantau Island and 360-degree vision of Ngong Ping flat terrain. Thereby you can add it in leisure tour to gain wonderful moments with Hong Kong escorts.

5. Happy Valley Racecourse:

One of 2 horse racecourses and the most tourist attraction in Hong Kong, Happy Valley Racecourse is ideal to visit with your partner to enjoy horse racing. Such a sport place in the city, this can feel its guests gain worthy moments possible at this worthy place. Thus a Hong Kong trip cannot keep it away, as it is best to go with escorts Hong Kong for quality moments ever.

At this blog, I can utter that there are many attractions to visit and enjoy in Hong Kong. Only you need to be accompanied by one of HK escort girls at Platinum Models.


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