Ultimate Guide to Montreal’s Nightlife

If you ever find yourself in Montreal, then you’re in for a treat. Once the day is done, the whole city awaits you with all kinds of possibilities. There are restaurants to enjoy, bars to have some good times with friends, and perhaps even the best erotic massage Montreal can provide.

So where should you go? These places make for fun times in Montreal:

Stereo After Hours Nightclub

Up for some dancing? The sound system here at Stereo has impressed even the DJs from all corners of the globe. Techno and house beats pump continuously until the wee hours of the morning. It’s open even while other places close, because it has soundproofed walls. Patrons don’t complain either, as its dance floors have spring reinforcements and shock absorbers.

Microbrasserie Dieu du Ceil

This pub in the Mile End is widely regarded as among the best microbreweries in the entire nation. In fact, even well before the craft beer scene became trendy the real beer lovers have been patronizing this joint for years.

They have at least 15 bars on tap, with additional fresh beers added depending on the season. You really need to try their Aphrodisiaque, as this stout is dark, lively, smooth, fragrant, and just about the best beer you’ll ever try. Just come early especially in the summer, because this is not exactly a secret hot spot.

Mon Lapin

If you’re a fan of wining and dining, then you need to head on out to Little Italy to try the food and the drinks at Mon Lapin. You may have to stand for the rest of the evening, and that’s because there are only 35 seats here.

But so what? The natural wines available here are spectacular, as they’re sourced by Vanya Filipovic who’s one of the best sommeliers on the country. Then pair up your wine with an item off the small plates menu—it’s heaven for foodies and wine lovers alike.

La Voûte

The Royal Bank of Canada building in Old Montreal has a basement vault, and that’s where you find La Voûte. Through the thick safe door, you get tall arched ceilings and black velour benches. It feels like a great bar during the US prohibition era, but there’s a dance floor too. With plenty of guest DJs hobnobbing with local talent, the dance floor is always hopping with activity.

Notre Dame des Quilles

This is a great low-key bowling alley that should get you visiting Little Italy more often with your friends. Aside from trying to throw strikes, you also get to enjoy late-night delicacies and happy hour drinks. They just opened up space at the back so they can have their Pizza Bouquet, where you can enjoy slices of terrific NYC-style pizza.

New City Gas

If you’re looking for EDM, then you go to New City Gas when you’re in Montreal. This is the place that attracts electronic dance music luminaries like Steve Angelo of Swedish House Mafia, David Guetta, and Tiesto. You have 2 floors that can hold a mob of 2,000 plus a large outdoor space too. The rest room is magnificent, with a Turkish fountain bathed in purple light.

La Banquise

Are you done with the partying but not done with the munching? When you need to stack up on calories you’ve burned on the dance floor, you need to come here at La Banquise. Order anything you want, as long as you also get a poutine. As for the quality of the food, the late great Anthony Bourdain gives it his seal of approval.

Visit any of these night spots, then wind down with a nice massage—this is the life that Montreal offers every night!


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