2018 Christmas in London

5 pickup lines to approach a London escort on Xmas 2018

If you are a busy working professional, a widower or a single, unattached man, there is no need to spend Xmas alone. It can be depressing to see others around you having friends, spouses and families. Thankfully, this Christmas, you can enjoy the company of a London outcall escort. However, many men find it difficult to approach a London escort for varying reasons.

Most London outcall escorts are educated and smart young girls, who serve elite clientele. Hence, this makes it tough to get in touch with such girls and woo them and make them notice you. However, if you are smart and have a glib tongue, you will be able to use a few pickup lines that will make these escorts look up and take note of you. You never know, you may strike lucky!

So, without much ado, here are five pickup lines to approach a London outcall escort.

1. Is your personality as angelic as your beautiful hair?

This line may sound corny, but you will be surprised at the reaction you get from the escort. Most London escorts have attractive personalities. They are intelligent and smart and epitomise the classic beauty with brains. Their perfect hourglass figure, firm and perky breasts, soft lips and long legs can send you in a frenzy. However, beyond the good looks, each London outcall escort has a unique personality that is waiting to be discovered. This is one of the main reasons you will get a response from the escort the moment you open your mouth!

2. Are you the GCSE? I asked because I would give you a 9 without blinking an eyelid.

This pickup line may seem weird, but don’t forget that most London outcall escorts are college or university going students or young professionals with a university degree. Hence, all of them would have passed their GCSE with flying colours to get admission into a college or university. The line compliments them on their good looks and brains, and you will end up causing them to smile, which is just the opening you require to make your move.

3. If a thousand painters worked for a 1,000 years, they would be unable to create a work of art that is as beautiful as you!

Which girl does like to get compliments about their looks? Well, London outcall escorts are no different even though they are beauties and are drop-dead gorgeous. However, the moment you compliment them with this sentence, you are demonstrating your wit and intelligence which is what they will find attractive.

4. I must have reached the end of the rainbow! I just found the biggest treasure – you!

This is another pickup line that you can use with a London escort this Xmas 2018. While this line sounds simple, it packs a punch. You will be able to get her giggling and laughing which is all you need to break ice and ingratiate yourself.

5. Do you want to help me open my presents on Xmas day?

Okay, this is a simple pickup line, but look at the meaning behind it. The escort would have to spend the night with you to be able to help you open your presents on Christmas day. So, you can be certain that she will turn around and give you a second glance.

These are some of the fabulous pickup lines that will evoke the right response from the escort you are trying to approach. While Independent London escorts are busy, especially during Christmas time, you need not worry. You can easily use these lines or any other line you can think of to get them notice you and strike up a conversation. These elite escorts always respond to kind words and funny one-liners. So, what are you waiting for? Just get on the saddle and ride the horse hard!


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