How long do “I” usually spend with a client?

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Given below is an excerpt from an interview held two months back. This will give you a better understanding of the woman you are looking at and what to expect out from here services:

What type of clients do you choose or choose to entertain?

I actually take a lot of time deciding what type of clients I should choose. I usually do not talk to my clients right away. My assistant answers all of my calls and emails. Sorting through the various applications, she helps to find out which type of a client would be perfect for me.

If you ask me for my first preference, then I would have to tell you that I like mature gentlemen. Men who are aged in the late 30s to mid-60s is my ideal type.

I also find men who take care of themselves and who keep their bodies healthy are the ones that actually catch my eye. Men who understand how to treat women and are the embodiment of a gentleman make my heart beat a bit faster.

Do you have a specific criteria for choosing clients?

To be honest, who does not have set criteria for choosing their clients. It is important for us, independent escorts to find out about our clients first. Since we work alone, we have to take care of our protection on our own, and if we make a mistake in choosing a client, we’ll be in trouble.

So, to avoid that, I make sure that my assistant helps me out and helps me take care of what I need to look for in a client. Furthermore, I have three types of screening processes, and they are:

        • Board References
        • Companion References
        • Employment verification

Do you prefer in call or out call bookings?

In all honesty, I am the kind of a person who loves to travel. I feel restless when I am seated in one particular place, which is why I only

make outcall appointments. I love dining out or meeting my clients abroad. The point is that I have found it impressively well that I can work while I move from one place to another.
I basically work in the Central London, Paddington & Chelsea, but on certain occasions, I do take up outstation appointments.

How long do you typically spend with a client?

Well, that is a tricky question. To be honest, that depends on the client and  the kind of service I am providing. As you would see, I offer various types of services. The regular type of service mentioned on my website has three differentiations: 1.5 hours, 2 hours and 3 hours. The prices are mentioned along with the time frame on my website. Furthermore, for something different, I also offer Dinner Meeting services, where I go out with a client and offer them a service of full 4 hours.

Another service that I offer is the Extended Revelry. This service includes a basic session of 3 hours where I get to know the client and help them go around the city. I make sure that both of us have fun at this point. Next, I conclude the night with a passionate adventure. This package lasts for about 6 hours with a client.

Another service, Fly me to you, is a bit different. The time frame and the prices are up for discussion depending on the city I am going to. So, all in all, my time spent with the client depends on the service that I provide them with. Whatever the service maybe, I spend that kind of time with them. My most popular service is the Dinner Meeting, Role Plays & GFE.


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